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Z3DFAB EOS M290 Machine

Z3DFAB, a Joint Venture between Z3DLAB and HS-HITECH announced the first M290 with EOSTATE MeltPool in Korea. The first phase plan consists of 27 machines in its 10,000m² facility in DONGTAN-MYEON to be operational for medical certification and production by the end of this year.

“We have been working very hard with our French Partner to have Z3DFAB a “Best In Class” AM center. AM technology is to be compared to foundry, parts do not come out finished. It is not a press button industry. Since last year, until now, we have combined our knowhow in cleaning and machining with our partner’s knowledge of AM, to establish unique postprocessing protocols to be ready for medical certification ISO 13485 and production. The arrival of the EOS M290 EOSTATE MeltPool will contribute into keeping high standards.” Says Mr Seong Soo KIM CEO of HS-HITECH.

“The long implementation of all the mastering in cleaning and post processing as well as passivation was essential to qualify Z3DFAB to the highest standards in AM production for the medical world. With the EOS EOSTATE MeltPool we have the fundamentals for High standards in production and QA. Now we will capitalize on this to integrate all the remaining for the automotive and aeronautic specifics and make of Z3DFAB the best and biggest digital AM center of Korea” says Madjid DjemaÏ CEO of Z3DLAB.

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