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UL, a global safety science organization, and 3DSIM LLC announced a collaboration to advance additive manufacturing (AM) process simulations. Under the terms of the agreement, UL made an investment in 3DSIM and is now a minority shareholder of the company. In recognition of this investment and the companies’ alliance to serve manufacturers, Simin Zhou, vice president of Digital Manufacturing Technologies at UL, will join the 3DSIM Board of Directors.

“UL has partnered with 3DSIM to rapidly advance simulation for additive manufacturing processing,” said Zhou. “The value of 3D printing is to enable design freedom and the ability to manufacture a variety of parts and products. To statistically qualify a design for production using AM, exploring material and process combinations via trial-and-error is not sustainable. Thus, we must invest in simulation technology and new qualification and validation methodologies to advance manufacturing and move the AM industry forward.”

Brent Stucker, PhD., chief executive officer and a co-founder of 3DSIM LLC, added, “UL has an excellent reputation around the world in validation and certification of manufactured parts. We welcome UL as an investor and partner. As a member of our board, Simin will contribute her deep knowledge and perspectives about how simulations can transform the AM industry. Together, we will move the manufacturing industry away from reliance upon costly experimental testing toward predictable, safe and timely production.”

3DSIM is a rapidly growing company focused on creating software tools that enable accurate, physics-based predictions of the outcomes of an additive manufacturing process before building a part.  3DSIM’s vision is to move the additive manufacturing industry from empirically-driven to simulation-driven innovation. 3DSIM’s simulation tools will help machine users, part designers, researchers, machine manufacturers and material providers dramatically increase their rate of innovation, thus enabling rapid qualification of additively manufactured parts and components.

UL 3D Printing is a trusted and reliable partner to 3D printing equipment and material manufacturers, retailers, and commercial and industrial companies. UL, with its 120-year history in safety science, is collaborating with the emerging 3D printing industry to advance education and training, close the knowledge transfer gap, enhance and simplify compliance, and interact with regulators on future issues. UL has a rich history as an independent organization with deep expertise in standards, compliance, testing, certification, manufacturing processes and engineering.

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