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Titomic Sino Euro Partnership

Titomic Limited announced it has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) with Sino-Euro Materials Technologies of Xi’An Co. Ltd (Sino-Euro), a high-tech Chinese company specialising in the production of PREP spherical metal powder. The MoU commences with immediate effect for the supply of metal powders and Sino-Euro to be appointed as the distributor for Titomic Kinetic Fusion systems and customer support in China.

The MoU enables Titomic to work with Sino-Euro for the supply of plasma rotating electrode process (PREP) metal powders. Titomic has tested Sino-Euro’s aerospace grade Titanium powders, produced by their PREP process, having evaluated them as meeting the highest quality and international standards for titanium powder. The potential cooperative research and development of new metal powders for the patented Titomic Kinetic Fusion™ (TKF) process will provide ongoing access to cutting edge material science and next generation super alloy powders for TKF systems.

Sino-Euro is a subsidiary of Northwest Institute for Non-ferrous Metal Research (NIN), a key national research center in China with more than 700 scientific innovations, 120 patents, over 8500 developed products and government cooperation with USA, Japan, Germany, France and Russia. Sino-Euro focuses on the R&D and application of high-end materials and powder preparation technologies and has more than 30 patents granted including setting up China’s first Supreme Speed Plasma Rotating Electrode Process (SS-PREP)™ spherical metal powder industrial production line.

The consumption of metals such as titanium alloys in China is primarily driven by the aerospace, chemical, power, desalination and automotive industries. In the aerospace industry alone Boeing predicts that with the growth in air passengers as a result of the rising middle class, the demand of aircraft will result in China accounting for 18% of the world’s commercial airplane fleet by 2037.

Titomic Managing Director, Mr. Jeff Lang commented:

“We chose to execute this MoU with Sino-Euro for supply of their high-quality Aerospace grade PREP titanium powders aligned with their 50+ years of material science research in titanium and super alloys. This MoU will lead to Sino-Euro being appointed in early 2019 as the sales distributor of Titomic Kinetic fusion systems and Titomic customer support in China. Sino-Euro is well placed as the research leader in China for Titanium and super alloy technologies from within the world’s second largest economy to represent Titomic’s commercial growth strategies in the global market.”

Sino-Euro General Manager, Mr. S.J. Liang added:

“Titomic is driving new levels of industrial productivity in the manufacturing world with leading-edge machines, patented process and innovative materials. We are excited to partner with Titomic across the highlighted fields of cooperation to explore innovations in industrial scale additive manufacturing.”

Sino-Euro’s MoU with Titomic will bolster Titomic’s existing R&D into material science, additive manufacturing capabilities and help Titomic develop more productive industrial scale additive manufacturing systems and consumables business for customers.

The Company’s TKF process provides innovative capabilities for aerospace & defence, resources (oil & gas, petrochemical, mining), automotive, construction, medical, sporting and consumer goods organisations to produce next-generation quality products with improved performance characteristics. Titomic is the global leader in fully-automated digital metal manufacturing systems which compete with traditional manufacturing methods at comparable or reduced cost to deliver sustainable, industrial scale manufacturing.

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