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Software start-up Thrinno is launching a product targeted at metal AM service providers that allows them to provide quick and professional quotations with visual design feedback for their clients. To make more efficient use of resources in preparing quotations, current practice in the industry is to use quick and rough, or expensive time-consuming estimations. Through the application of complex 3D algorithms and visual feedback, Thrinno is helping both designer and metal AM service provider to remain profitable in this competitive industry.

Metal AM service providers have to go through a lot of different steps to get from design to print. Aside from a basic quality check, they have to take into account many different factors to ensure printability whilst coming up with a correct pricing. Getting to a successful print and a reasonable price is not only dependent on the orientation of the part on the build plate, but is also dependent on the type of other parts in the same print job and their respective orientation on the build plate. Additionally the metal AM service provider has to take into account powder usage of a design, thermal stresses, etc.

Calculating the cost of a part is complicated and can be done faster and more accurate with the help of the right algorithms. On top of those direct costs are resources that are spent on talking and giving feedback to designers. Often they aren’t aware of all those factors that need to be taken into account to get to a successful print. The service providers spends a lot of time on iterating with the designer which results in a costly feedback loop and a higher internal cost.

The ‘Thrinno Fast Quote’ supports companies with reducing those indirect feedback costs, and with getting a fast and accurate direct price of the model.

The tool comprises four steps: (1) You make a profile of your printing specs (2) You import a model on which different algorithms are applied.  These algorithms include amongst others the detection of amount of support, surfaces to be finished afterwards, thermal stresses, etc. (3) Based on that and a chosen set of quality parameters, a price and quality score are calculated for different orientations, while taking into account the occupation rate on the build plate.  A tool is provided to help you pick the optimal orientation. (4) When the optimal orientation is chosen, a quotation is generated with visual feedback.

The goal of ‘Thrinno Fast Quote’ is to give metal AM service providers a competitive edge in a fast growing industry. Current bètatesters include: APWorks (Airbus), Esma, AMT-Titastar en MT3D.

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