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LOOP 3D Printer

Building upon years experiece as a major international distributor of industrial and professional grade 3D printers, Turkish 3D Printing, R&D and manufacturing company Teknodizayn built and developed the first prototype of its revolutionary LOOP 3D Printer. The LOOP 3D printer seeks to address the issue of rapid part removal through a patented “injection molding inspired” system.

With a large build chamber measuring 250 x 350 x 500 mm - which is more than enough for most current industrial applications for 3D printed parts - The LOOP 3D printer supports a wide range of high-end industrial 3D printing materials, including ABS, PLA, PETG and even higher end plastics such as Nylon, Carbon Fiber Reinforced Nylon, PSU, PPSU, ASA. With a hot-end capable of reaching temperatures of up to 400°C, the system will also support ULTEM and PEEK 3D printing in the near future.

Key to the LOOP 3D printer is its continuous fabrication capability, which enables removal of a 3D printed part through a system of spikes placed below the print plate, pushing the part out once the print is complete. The specially designed patent pending ejector and storage systems collect all finished 3D prints so that the printer can print non-stop, build after build. The system operates in a continuous 3D printing cycle of printing, removing the printed model and restarting a new print job without requiring any user intervention. Operators simply send their batch of models to the LOOP and it will handle the rest.

“Our experience working as a distributor of several 3D printer models, including HP MultiJet Fusion systems, has led to us creating a 3D printer able to cater to the future needs for large batch productions”, said Teknodizayn CEO, Mehmet Erkan Ustaoğlu. “The LOOP 3D Printer is unique and it will enable us to set a new standard for industrial 3D printing.”

The system LOOP 3D Printer will directly address professional and industrial needs with exceptional stability, repeatability and ease of use. Thanks to linear guide rails and CNC machined mechanical parts, built in aerospace grade aluminum materials, it can achieve the highest mechanical accuracy. Its built in computer and high resolution 10” touch-screen panel enable slicing and printing of 3D models directly from the LOOP user interface. The system is available for pre-order now. Deliveries will be handled through Teknodizayn growing global reseller network.

LOOP integrates multiple connectivity options including Wi-Fi, USB and cloud-based operations. The system does not require any calibration as the build plate will always remain leveled, eliminating additional time and efforts requirements for preparing the build plate before every print.

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