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Solidscape®, Inc., a Stratasys company (NASDAQ: (SSYS), announced the introduction of the 3Z MAX, the newest member of the 3Z Series.

The 3Z MAX is Solidscape’s fastest 3D wax printer. The 3Z MAX supports higher throughput and delivers significant production gains when working with bulkier precision designs in jewelry manufacturing, industrial and medical applications.

With one-touch simplicity, the fully automated 3Z MAX printer combines the power of 3D high-precision printing with the increased performance that direct manufacturing requires. Its user-friendly touch screen and software allows operators of any technical level to produce their own high-precision wax parts ready for casting, making the promise of 3D direct manufacturing available to nearly any business.

“The 3Z MAX is the direct product of our Voice of the Customer program which focuses on customer satisfaction and product innovation,” said Fabio Esposito, President of Solidscape. “Our customers said they wanted the precision for which Solidscape is known with increased performance. The 3Z MAX delivers both at a very affordable price.”


5000 X 5000 dpi (197 X 197 dots/mm) in X, Y
8000 dpi (158 dots/mm) in Z

± 0.0010 inch/inch (±25.4µ/25.4mm) along each axis X, Y and Z

Layer Thickness:
0.0010in - 0.0020in (25.4µm - 50.8µm) in ¼ mil (6.3µm) steps

Surface Finish:
32-63 micro-inches (RMS)

21.4” W X 18”D X 16” H (558mm X 495 mm X 419 mm)

Build Envelope:
6” X 6” X 4” (152.4 X 152.4 X 101.6 mm)
X, Y, Z Consistent results over entire 6 inch x 6 inch (152.4mmx152.4mm) area

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