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SLM Solutions Group AG and Swerea IVF

SLM Solutions Group AG is creating a new industrial project together with the Swedish company Swerea IVF. Ten research institutions and companies are participating in this unique project to develop a new production line for additive manufacturing of metallic materials with a focus on selective laser melting. The partners are working along the entire value chain and also are dealing with environmental and health topics.

The project is the first of its kind and brings 10 globally operating partners from different industries together. Taking into account new digital possibilities in the industry, a production line for additive manufacturing will be developed jointly to shorten the time to market of new products and further improve competitiveness in this way.

In this context, Swerea IVF is expanding its production capacity with an additional machine of the SLM Solutions Group AG, a powerful SLM®280 2.0, which has a construction space size of 280 x 280 x 365 mm³ and patented multi-beam technology with up to 2x 700 W laser performance. In addition, bi-directional powder coating contributes to shortening production time of individually manufactured metal components.

Mats Lundin, CEO of Swerea IVF, stated: "Additive manufacturing is a rapidly growing area. We are looking forward to setting up this production line together with a strong partner, SLM Solutions Group AG, and contributing to the industrialization of additive manufacturing in Sweden in this way. In addition, this will also make it possible for our partner to test and implement its thoughts and ideas together with our experts in this area.

The project participants come from different areas such as plant construction, sheet metal forming, air filtration, metal powder production, surface technology, product development and simulation as well as research institutions. The following companies are participating in developing the new production line: Curtiss-Wright Corporation, EDR&Medeso AB, Höganäs AB, University West Trollhättan, Nederman Holding AB, Quintus Technologies AB, Ringhals AB, SLM Solutions Group AG, Swerea IVF and Volvo Trucks.

Jens Oldenburg, Regional Sales Manager for Northern Europe, commented on the participation of SLM Solutions Group AG in the project: "SLM Solutions is always interested in supporting innovative projects actively in the field of additive manufacturing. We are contributing our specialist knowledge and experience in developing and implementing machines for metal-based manufacturing technology in this joint industry project. We expect that this project will provide an excellent platform to develop a production line jointly, in that basic questions will be addressed and the expertise of those involved in the project combined."

Seyed Hosseini, Group Manager for Additive Manufacturing at Swerea IVF, stated: "Bringing together such a large industrial group and creating a strong platform for the development of new and innovative solutions is absolutely unique. Thanks to this collaboration, we can work together with all our partners to take the next step in additive manufacturing. We are looking forward to long-term collaboration."

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