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SLM Solutions SLM 280 Machine

SLM Solutions announced the signining of the company’s largest ever multi-machine contract for 50 SLM 280 machines. The systems will be sold via a sales partner in China. SLM 280, in particular in its multi-laser version, is the most successful model in SLM Solutions’ product range.

Since its IPO in 2014, SLM Solutions has pursued the objective of gaining a firm foothold in Asia. The company is already represented in the region through its subsidiaries in Singapore, China and India.

“Following on from a contract received from a customer from China for 10 machines of the SLM 500 series in June 2017, which marked the largest single order for this type of system, we are now delighted to have won the largest single contract ever in the history of SLM Solutions in the Asian market,” explains Uwe Bögershausen, board member of SLM Solutions Group AG.

This major order is an important step in promoting further growth in this important region and once more underscores the strong global demand for additive production facilities suitable for industrial applications. The machines will be sold up over the course of the years from 2017 to 2020. To the knowledge of SLM Solutions it is one of the largest orders ever placed in China in the area of additive manufacturing.

SLM 280 machines represent the fastest selling series currently produced by SLM Solutions. In addition to the possibility to customize machine parameters, SLM 280 machines offer customers high level of productivity through the parallel use of up to two lasers, each with a maximum 700 watt output, as well as the high quality of the parts produced. The powerful performance of the machines enables the production costs per component manufactured to be optimized while allowing full scope for geometrical design.

Uwe Bögershausen, board member of SLM Solutions Group AG: “This contract shows that we are absolutely right in focusing on developing long-term customer relationships and underpins our long-term growth trajectory as an independent German company. The order also underlines the high suitability of SLM’s machines for the industrial production of parts in high quality.”

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