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SLM Solutions unveiled to the public at Euromold the latest developments in SLM technology with their new PSA 500 system for metal powder recovery.

Dr. Markus Rechlin, CEO of SLM Solutions GmbH: "We see ourselves as a pioneer and trendsetter in the manufacturing technology for many industries from automotive and mechanical engineering to medicine-up to the air and space technology. We will surprise this year the industry with a new development. With the PSA 500, our system for automatic powder recovery, we go one step further in the additive manufacturing."

The PSA 500 operates autonomously. With automatic powder recovery, the entire unused powder obtained during the SLM process led from the build chamber through a discharge station for vibrating screens conditioning. By coupled with the seeving ultrasound unit a very fine grain size and a higher yield can be ensured. The seeving process has no influence on the parallel construction processes and reducing unproductive downtime.

The Automatic Powder Sieving Station PSA 500 and Build Volume Handling Unit is a fully automatic powder filtering unit. The machine is equipped with a special screw system for emptying the process chamber overflow containers and refilling the powder container under an inert gas atmosphere. The electrically operated build volume is carried out to a container station to empty the whole build powder into a funnel. From this device the powder is forwarded controlled to the vibration sieving system. The sieved GO grain powder passes into steel container which is fixed in position inside the sieving system. The sieving process runs fully automatically and does not have an influence on the parallel running build process of the SLM system, which reduces the ancillary times. Fresh powder is brought via a screw system from the main reservoir either direct to the re-coater or a defind powder volume above the system.

The system is equipped with an additional ultrasonic device to support the sieving procedure. Fine mesh filters and sieves are standard and commercially available products and pre-assembled with a 100µm mesh insert.

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