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In order to supply their global customers fast and reliably, SLM Solutions is building a new production site, a new logistics center, and a new headquarters in Luebeck. On December 21, 2016 was the big day when the spade touched the ground at Estlandring in Luebeck for the new head office of the SLM Solutions Group AG in presence of the general contractor Goldbeck, the member of the executive board Uwe Bögershausen, State Secretary, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labor, Transport and Technology of the Province of Schleswig-Holstein and Lübeck's Mayor Bernd Sachse.

The new headquarters of SLM Solutions Group AG is the next stepping stone on the way to round off our range of services. It is our dedicated aim to make our production and logistics fit for the future, to optimize existing processes, and to increase the delivery performance considerably", said chief financial director Uwe Bögershausen.

The new head office will be located at Estlandring in Luebeck-Genin on factory premises of 70,000 square meters size, and with direct connection to the motorway. At this site will emerge a customized production environment for the machines for the additive manufacturing of series parts and prototypes. The new buildings will be constructed with regard to energy optimization. They will house the production facilities, the development department, and logistics on an area of 13,000 square meters. The new head office will be completed by a large (5,000 square meters) and modern office building with transparent design. This spatial expansion will provide the room for the intended new employees who are to support the currently 310 employees. For example, the number of industrial employees will be nearly doubled.

The first delivery to a customer from the new production site is scheduled for March 2018. About 400 employees will work at the new head office. The costs for the 18,000 square meter building project are estimated to be around 25 million euros.

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