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Sintratec S2 SLS 3D Printer

Sintratec presents the brand-new system solution Sintratec S2 based on selective laser sintering (SLS) technology. New and unique in the SLS field are the all-in-one integrated and semi-automated processes of laser sintering, de-powdering, material preparation and surface treatment. Thanks to this end-to-end solution users benefit not only from precise printed objects with an exceptionally high degree in freedom of form, but also from an economic operation with significant reduced down times.

In order to receive consistent und homogenous print results, the Sintratec Laser Sintering Station is equipped with a cylindric printing area consisting of a new heating and ventilation concept. The integrated 4K camera enables the user to control print jobs and evaluate the surface of every print layer in real time. Moreover, the precise laser scanning system ensures an enhanced process repeatability and a faster printing speed. The 3D printing system is operated intuitively through a modern touch screen.

The complete build chamber is situated in the Material Core Unit, which can easily be removed from the Laser Sintering Station. In addition to that, the Material Core Unit is equipped with an integrated powder mixing function that allows convenient powder handling. If the user wants to process different materials, the system can easily be expanded with another Material Core Unit. The Sintratec Material Handling Station collects used as well as excess printing material in a clean way and sieves it for reprocessing. If the SLS parts need to have improved surface qualities and be visually attractive, the blast cabinet Sintratec Blasting Station does the job. Finally, the Sintratec Polishing Station, a magnetic tumbler, seals surface impurities and lends the printed components a smooth, stainless-steel like finish.

The Swiss manufacturer thereby now gives engineers the possibility to produce high-quality SLS prints in an affordable way. Thanks to the modular design of the Sintratec S2 users can expand their production capacities as required by adding specific Sintratec S2 modules. Purchase reservations are accepted from now on.


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