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Sinterit, the manufacturer of desktop laser sintering systems based in Krakow, Poland, announces that it has secured additional funding to the amount of EUR 1.1m by way of a rights issue. The sole underwriter was German additive manufacturer FIT AG, based in Lupburg near Munich. Terms of the funding were not disclosed, but Sinterit remains independent and FIT AG has not taken a seat on Sinterit’s board.
“From time to time, we support startup companies in our ecosystem, when we are convinced that the product idea and the management team stand a chance of success. We have done so with Wiivv, and we are now delighted to help Sinterit push their wonderful machines into the world market”, said Carl Fruth, CEO of FIT AG.

“We're extremely proud and excited by the fact that FIT AG has decided to become our business partner. Their capital but also knowledge and experience in the field of additive manufacturing will definitely help us to expand to the new markets and create new great products for our customers”,said Paweł Szczurek, CEO of Sinterit.

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