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Sintavia, LLC announced that it has acquired a Concept Laser M2 cusing 3D metal printer along with the related Quality Monitoring module for meltpool monitoring. QM Meltpool 3D provides the necessary data insight to determine potential defects in the build process. The solution offers position-related real-time monitoring and 3D visualization for easy analysis and was the recipient of the International Additive Manufacturing Award (IAMA) for 2016.

QM Meltpool 3D will run on Sintavia’s M2 cusing machine. With the acquisition of their M2 cusing metal system, Sintavia will add valuable metal additive capacity to their 10,000 square foot facility. The investment of over $12 million dollars in manufacturing technologies since the beginning of 2015 has enabled Sintavia to offer a true end-to-end services portfolio that includes design, production, and evaluation.

Sintavia’s technical capabilities include a complete in-house metallurgical lab for powder analysis, alloy development, and material characterization assessment. The lab also includes in-house fatigue testing, optical emission spectrometer (OES) hardness measurement, hot isostatic pressing (HIP), a machine and vacuum heat furnace with rapid quenching, and CT scanning to correlate data from the meltpool monitoring.

“Quality assurance is a principal concern to Aerospace and Defense organizations. Adding Concept Laser’s technology to our existing portfolio enhances our ability to offer customers meaningful data about how their metal componentry is being built. Along with data produced from the in-house CT scanner, we will be able to offer multiple ways to measure critical data and be an even better parameter developer—and ultimately serial manufacturer—to our customers,” says Doug Hedges, President of Sintavia. “Adding the QM module for meltpool monitoring is a critical component of Sintavia’s position as the global independent leader for these services.”

“Sintavia’s portfolio of capabilities may even exceed what a Tier 1 OEM has in-house. It’s rare for a service provider to have such technical depth. Their manufacturing expertise, combined with consistent, repeatable processes brings tremendous value to Aerospace and Defense organizations,” says John Murray, President and CEO of Concept Laser Inc.

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