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EOS M 400 DMLS Machine

Sintavia, LLC announced that it had broadened its printing capabilities through the acquisition of a larger scale EOS M400 system. The new machine, which will be operational in September, represents the first larger envelope laser printer purchased by Sintavia. With a build volume of 400mm x 400mm x 400mm, the EOS M400 allows for more flexibility in customer build requirements and is based on EOS’s robust laser printing architecture.

“The EOS M400 is a very sound system,” said Doug Hedges, Sintavia’s President and COO. “We believe it is among the most qualifiable of the large laser platform printers due to its well-controlled mechanical parameters and reliability. We have spent a great deal of effort developing processes for dependable results and to qualify the production of metal parts for OEMs. This system is a big step in the right direction for those efforts, particularly with respect to our defense and space customers.”

As part of its recently announced expansion in nearby Hollywood, FL, Sintavia expects to add an incremental 35 printers by 2020, the majority of which will be similarly sized large systems. This growth will also require the acquisition of larger gauged support equipment, including a larger heat treatment furnace, HIP, and other post-processing equipment. The company’s commitment to vertically integrated AM solutions for its customers will not change, nor will its commitment to industry-leading data and quality feedback.

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