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3D Printed Fountain Pen

The Dutch designer and technologist Rein van der Mast is disrupting how fountain pens are made. Instead of relying on proven technology, in 2013 he made the world's first 3D printed fountain pen, followed in 2016 by the first 3D printed fountain pen nib. His latest piece of state-of-the-art craftsmanship is the TypeONE, an affordable 3D printed fountain pen.

Van der Mast: "The pen is made in a rather traditional way, because even though most tools have become digital, they still have to be guided by human hands. In addition, the finishing and adjustment of the 3D-printed nib is done manually by craftsmen with great care."

It is already confirmed that the 3D printed titanium nib is very pleasant to write with. Both the slit and the raised edges alongside - all included in the 3D print help to evenly and reliably distribute the ink. The approach towards nib manufacturing is game-changing.

The other visible parts are carefully designed and 3D printed in durable, strong plastic (PA12). The pen comes in two versions: Black and Silver Grey (PA12, filled with small aluminum particles for a modest sparkling effect). For collectors, a display is available. It consists of a non-uniform 3D lattice structure and is also 3D printed.

The pen is brought to the market by 3Dimensions: a partnership of designer and technologist Rein van der Mast, with Dennis van de Graaf, owner of the renowned fountain pen shop La Couronne du Comte, and Bart Koster, owner of Promo2000 and pen distributor.

To emphasize the small-series-character of the 3D printing manufacturing process only 99 pieces of both versions will be made, a limited edition for progressive pen enthusiasts as well as seasoned collectors. The pen's unique serial number is 3D printed in its barrel.

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