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Registration is now open for the IMTS 2016 Conference, a key educational attraction at IMTS – The International Manufacturing Technology Show. The IMTS 2016 Conference, which runs for four days during IMTS, offers 55-minute long seminars that provide solutions to current manufacturing problems, such as improving productivity, improving part quality and developing a stable, competent workforce to lower the cost of manufacturing in the United States and create new levels of market demand.

The IMTS Conference runs from September 12-15, 2016. There are nearly 70 individual conference sessions from which to choose, all held in the West Building – Level 1 of McCormick Place.

IMTS also hosts eight additional educational conferences that focus on specific technologies: Additive Manufacturing, EOS North American User Day, Fluid Power, Industrial Laser, Integrated Industries, Global Automation & Manufacturing Summit, OPC Foundation and TRAM Aerospace.

Show Conference Details

The IMTS 2016 Conference focuses on five topic tracks featuring a variety of industry specific sessions:

  • Process Innovations: New Materials, R&D, Composites, Tooling/Workholding, General Cutting, Grinding
  • Alternative Manufacturing: Additive/3D Printing, EDM, Waterjet, Laser, Fastening/Joining, Welding
  • Plant Operations: Energy Efficiency, Lean Manufacturing, Cost Justification, Training/Workforce, Government Initiatives, Lifecycle Management
  • Automation: CAD/CAM, Connectivity, Motion Control, Robotics, Software, Vision Systems
  • Quality: Measurement, Testing, Inspection, Standards, Optical/3D

Eight Additional Conferences

1) The Additive Manufacturing Conference covers processes, applications and materials and provides practical knowledge on how to implement them in a manufacturing facility. Topics will include lightweighting, robotic additive manufacturing, combining additive and subtractive manufacturing, software, and automation. The conference will consist of a day and a half of programming dedicated to the processes, applications, materials and specifications that are unique to additive manufacturing. The goal of the conference is to help attendees understand when and if additive manufacturing could be utilized and how it should be implemented within a traditional manufacturing facility.

2) EOS North American User Day is open to both EOS customers and all attendees of IMTS. Attendees will learn about the latest developments in industrial 3D printing/additive manufacturing, including direct metal laser-sintering and plastics laser-sintering directly from EOS – the world leader in laser-sintering solutions – and our customers and partners.

3) The Industrial Laser Conference discusses how to incorporate lasers into the manufacturing processes to stay competitive in the current high-tech market. It will cover industrial applications of lasers, such as: Additive Manufacturing, Cutting, Welding, Marking and more. Most importantly, the conference will show how to apply lasers to increase profit & efficiency.    

4) The inaugural Integrated Industries Conference will bring together industry experts with the goal of addressing solutions to current manufacturing concerns, sharing new trends & best practices, and ultimately helping companies thrive in today’s dynamic manufacturing environment. The conference will tie in closely with technology on the show floor, and feature topics such as Motion, Drive & Automation, Surface Technology, The Internet of Things, and Industry 4.0.

5) The Global Automation & Manufacturing Summit will feature a series of presentations on how plant managers are using automated systems to deliver improved safety, reliability and productivity to streamline their operations – helping end-users increase their productivity and conquer their current and future manufacturing challenges.

6) The Fluid Power Conference focuses on pneumatics and hydraulics, key components in the manufacturing process. Industry 4.0 and the increasingly smart factory are pushing the bounds of efficiency, speed, and communication. Hear from industry experts on how to adapt, optimize your fluid power components, and maximize energy conservation.

7) The OPC Foundation Conference brings together OT (Operation Technology) and IT to report about standardized, secured interoperability for data and information exchange from sensor to IT and the Cloud. Learn why OPC-UA has been selected for German Industry 4.0 and how to integrate your machine to SAP quickly. Learn also about Microsoft’s integration of OPC UA into Azure, offering big data and analytics for the ecosystem of 40 million OPC-enabled devices.

8) The TRAM Aerospace Conference aims to educate manufacturing professionals on innovations in the aerospace sector that can make their process more efficient and more profitable. Bringing together industry, academia and research centers, TRAM offers attendees unique insights into advanced manufacturing technologies.

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