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PyroGenesis Canada Inc. is pleased to announce that it has received all equipment, parts and components for its powder production system, and that the System is well into the assembly phase.

PyroGenesis' System uses Plasma Atomization to make very pure, small, uniform, fully dense, spherical metal powders, which are highly sought after in the Additive Manufacturing industry.

The Company first began producing powders using this technology for the Biomedical industry, between 2001-2004. In 2015, PyroGenesis invested approximately $2MM in improving both the production rate and particle size distribution, which not only lead to a patent pending, but also to PyroGenesis' decision to re-enter the market and produce powders for the Additive Manufacturing industry. The System being built today is the first of many PyroGenesis expects to make to address this increasing need for metal powders in the Additive Manufacturing industry.

PyroGenesis also confirmed that the first powder run is still on schedule for the end of Q1, and that the ramp up is projected, as previously announced on January 23, 2017, to take place linearly, over the ensuing four (4) months.

"So far there have not been any unforeseen challenges during the assembly phase, and we don't expect any during the start-up or ramp up phases", said Mr. P. Peter Pascali, President and CEO of PyroGenesis. "What is noteworthy however, is the amount of interest we are receiving for the supply of our powders from potential customers and investors; the volume of interest from potential customers has taken us all by surprise."

Additionally, and as previously announced, powders produced during the ramp-up phase will be available for sale. The initial focus will be on producing pure Titanium (CP Ti) and Ti-6Al-4V powders however PyroGenesis has also received interest for other metal powders and expects to attend to this as well.

"There are many factors which set us apart from all other powder producers," said Mr. Pascali. "For one, the fact that PyroGenesis is the inventor of Plasma Atomization, and has one of the largest concentrations of plasma expertise under one roof, has enabled the Company to not only improve the process significantly, but allow it to continuously improve and thereby enable Additive Manufacturing. Let us not forget that PyroGenesis has produced Titanium powders in the past, and is not new to this prospect. Add to this the fact that there is serious consolidation taking place in the industry which is exasperating an already serious lack of powder suppliers, particulary of the characteristics we supply, all bodes well for PyroGenesis' strategy to supply unique powders to the Additive Manufacturing industry. In short, we remain confident, and recent events have only made us more optimistic than ever before, that PyroGenesis will quickly become one of the leading metallic powder suppliers to the Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) industry."

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