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3D Printed Gold Jewelry

The Italian company PROGOLD S.p.A., a pioneer in direct metal 3d printing for jewelry, once again renewed their collaboration with the European Design Institute of Turin (Italy).

For the academic year 2017-2018 Progold S.p.A. and Turin-based branch European Institute of Design will team up to develop a project in which the topics are technology, talent, science and creativity.

The PROGOL3D® Business Unit will work closely with the third-year students of the Jewelry and Accessories Design Course through training sessions, workshops, simulations and tests with the aim of enhancing the technology of selective laser melting and investigating new evolutions.

The vision of open minds, not influenced by "what has always been done that way", but stimulated by searching for the new and the unknown, becomes fundamental in the process of the growth of a new technology. Direct 3d printing is a real revolution involving the jewelry world and as such requires overcoming of traditional formae mentis and a positive attitude towards change.

Fourteen students will be involved in the project. They will conceive and design jewelry that PROGOL3D®, will directly 3D print in 18kt gold (white, red, yellow), platinum titanium, thanks to a multi 3d printer infrastructure along with experience gained over the years.

The theme presented by Progold’s marketing is currently: "Shape of Nature and Elements of Life". Harmoniously shaped jewelry, sinuous lines recalling the world of nature and the elements of life. A stimulating venture for both the company and IED, which will be enriched by a design contest, in its second year after last year’s great success.

The collaboration, involving the two partners from October to January, will end with the award ceremony by Progold S.p.A. to acknowledge the student that conceived the design more in line with the given theme and, above all, more capable of enhancing the advantages of the new technology.

Commenting on the project, Progold S.p.A. Marketing Manager Daniele Contin: "Sharing our activities with young people is always a reason of great inspiration and a drive for innovation. Progold has always invested in research, strongly believing that differentiation comes through innovation. Young people represent the future and it’s up to them to shape it. The companies’ duty is to provide the competence and skills to give awareness and knowledge on their journey. In cooperation with IED, we have created an important synergy, which we embrace with enthusiasm."

These are the statements by Daniela Bulgarelli, coordinator of the Jewelry and Accessories Design Course: "For the students of the European Design Institute, it is a great opportunity to collaborate with Progold. Not only does it mean dealing with digital innovation for jewelry but also learning to design directly into 3D, thinking about optimizing the jewelry piece according to the production and postproduction process, while maintaining a precious and exclusive style at the same time. A real challenge, but offering the students the chance to be more competitive in the labor market, by collaborating with the excellence of SLM."


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