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Carbon M2 3D Printer

Phoenix Analysis and Design Technologies (PADT) announced it has joined the Production Partner Program of Carbon to offer production part manufacturing to the Southwestern United States. With the addition of three Carbon M2 printers to its existing 3D Printing facility at their headquarters in Tempe, Arizona, this partnership introduces real production capabilities for PADT that incorporate a revolutionary way to 3D Print plastic components called Digital Light Synthesis (DLS).

“We have been looking for a low-volume plastic manufacturing solution that uses 3D Printing for some time,” said Rey Chu, co-owner and principal, PADT. “Since we started the company we have been providing soft tooling and rapid injection molding. Once we saw the Carbon DLS technology in action, we knew we found our solution.”

The long-term promise of 3D Printing has always been using the technology to replace traditional manufacturing as a way to make production parts. The various technologies that are considered Additive Manufacturing have been fantastic for prototyping and making tools that are used to manufacturing end-use parts, but rarely work well for production. Carbon is literally turning the 3D printing world upside down by introducing real production capabilities with their systems.

“PADT was an obvious choice to join our Partner Program because of its 20-plus years of experience as a 3D Printing service provider and more than $5,000,000 in injection molding projects, along with its in-house product development, scanning, simulation, and inspection capabilities,” said Dana (Foster) McCallum, head of production partners, Carbon. “We look forward to getting our DLS technology in the hands of as many users as possible, and PADT helps make that possible.”

The M2 system combines Carbon’s proprietary continuous printing technology with programmable liquid resins to create parts with the same strength and surface finish of injection molded parts. The part creation is fast because it is a continuous process, whereas most 3D Printing machines build up one layer at a time with pauses in-between. This continuous process is not reduces build time, but it also avoids the stair-steps created with layered methods. This results in textured surfaces and a surface finish that no other process can approach.

Carbon’s Production Partner Program establishes vetted service providers, such as PADT, with 3D Printing and manufacturing experience as manufacturing centers. This allows customers who are early adopters of Carbon’s exciting technology, to find a trusted source for their production parts.

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