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Ogle Models Len Martin and Matt White

Ogle Models has just purchased its largest 3D printing machine to date, a Neo 800 3d printer from RP Support.

The huge bed size (800 x 800 x 600mm) means larger parts can now be made, retaining the impeccable accuracy that Ogle has become known for within the industry. Ogle are experts in using Stereolithography (SLA), a form of highly accurate 3D printing technology.

Len Martin, managing director at Ogle, said: “We’re always one step ahead of the game and completely committed to upgrading our equipment, ensuring we purchase the best kit out there.

“The Neo 800 adds capacity and flexibility, so we can make larger parts without splitting them. It produces superior quality parts straight off, significantly reducing finishing times and still retaining the crisp accuracy and detail that our customers have come to expect from our prototypes.

Len added: “We had free reign of material choice, so we opted for the Evolve 128 by Somos. It is an extremely durable SLA material that’s capable of producing accurate, highly detailed quality parts that can be hand finished easily.”

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