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Carbon Speed Cell M2 3D Printer and Smart Part Washer

Oerlikon announced that it has been selected as the lead partner for the European introduction of Carbon’s 3D printers. citim, a member of the Oerlikon Group, has been chosen for installation of Carbon’s SpeedCell™, which includes M2 printers and a Smart Part Washer. One of the main advantages it offers for plastic part production procedures is its advanced DLS Technology, enabled by CLIP (Continuous Liquid Interface Production) an exciting new 3D printing process, not just for prototyping but also series production. This partnership underlines Oerlikon’s forward-thinking approach and lead innovation within the Additive Manufacturing industry.

This morning at the TCT Show 2017, Oerlikon announced that citim, a member of the Oerlikon Group, will head up the introduction of 3D manufacturing company Carbon into the European market.

Already well established in the USA, Carbon wants to extend its reach into European territories and demonstrate the benefits that its cutting-edge Digital Light Synthesis™ (DLS) technology and SpeedCell™ manufacturing system (M Series printers + Smart Part Washer) offer companies in the part production sector.

citim was specifically chosen on account of its global reputation as early adopters of new 3D printing technology in the part production process. Together with Oerlikon`s Additive Manufacturing sites all over the globe, citim stands at the forefront of industrial AM and is trusted by some of the biggest names in the manufacturing industry. Offering many advantages for plastic part production procedures, Carbon’s DLS technology enabled by CLIP (Continuous Liquid Interface Production) is an exciting new 3D printing process, which is not just for prototyping but is also suitable for production.

With its durable material properties and layerless process, Carbon is enabling wide range of manufacturing capabilities, which has the potential to change the face of the European plastic part production sector. Furthermore, a supporting Smart Part Washer, ensures consistent cleaning methods and accurate parts for production.

As part of Carbon’s introduction into Europe, citim will be installing a Carbon SpeedCell, which will include M2 printers (sized: 189mm x 118mm x 326mm) and one Smart Part Washer. SpeedCell will enable citim to print the whole variety of materials offered by Carbon as well as the ones which are under development at the moment.

The CLIP process will have the potential to print a large range of plastic parts for all manner of commercial and industrial application including: automotive, aerospace and general industry.

“As we looked at adding several partners in Germany, we felt that citim/Oerlikon will especially help take Carbon into production in the region because of the company’s years of experience within additive manufacturing industry as well as urethane casting and injection molding industries,” said Dana McCallum, head of production partners at Carbon. “The team and brand sets themselves a part in the industry and we are excited to grow together.”

Commenting on Carbon’s SpeedCell, Andreas Berkau, Head of Additive Manufacturing Service Europe at Oerlikon Group says: “The advanced technology which underpins Carbon’s SpeedCell manufacturing system means they are highly relevant to anyone involved in the manufacturing of plastic products. The machines offer a faster process time and smoother, finer surfaces than can be achieved by comparable machines on the market.”

He continues: “Importantly, the rapid delivery and installation of the machines means we can produce parts for our customers right away. As AM part production specialists we know how to increase the performance of our customer’s components not only by using our long-term experience but also by choosing the best machines which are available on the market. In addition to that customers who choose to produce their parts with us get access to Oerlikon’s strong global AM network, which includes R&D and engineering services as well as advanced materials.”

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