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Florian Mauerer

Oerlikon and LENA Space have agreed to a partnership to develop optimized additively manufactured components for propulsion systems. These systems are used in small launch vehicles to launch payloads in low earth orbit.

This partnership combines LENA’s experience and vision for fast-to-market, high-performance, low-cost launch propulsion technology with Oerlikon’s end-to-end value proposition in additive manufacturing to drive wider adoption of additive manufacturing in the space industry.

All parts, components and systems used in space need to meet highly stringent requirements in terms of weight, power, structural design, etc. and they need to optimally function in demanding space conditions. Additive manufacturing can help deliver new and cutting-edge technologies and solutions to satisfy such demands. This collaboration serves to bring innovative approaches to addressing such manufacturing challenges for space. LENA Space designs and develops turbines, impellers, pumps, combustion chambers, regenerative cooling systems and more. Collaborating with Oerlikon’s Additive Manufacturing business unit opens up opportunities to unlock new designs with next generation materials to produce highly functional parts with breakthrough performance. Such knowledge sharing can also foster wider partnerships globally and support the growth and innovation in the space industry.

Dan Johns, Global Head of R&D-Additive Manufacturing at Oerlikon, said: “We look forward to partnering with LENA Space to develop truly innovative products using our additive manufacturing capability. In particular, we will bring into the collaboration our differentiating capabilities in four areas: design for additive engineering, rapid alloy development (RAD), additive process knowledge to create high quality, repeatable components and our advanced coatings. Through our expertise, we aim to expand the operational envelope.”

Natasha Allden, Chief Commercial Officer at LENA Space commented: “Working with Oerlikon is a unique opportunity to explore the new field of Additive Manufacturing in space technology. At LENA, we continually challenge and innovate technology and processes. Additive Manufacturing allows us to make step changes in producing complicated designs not possible with traditional machining, improving the performance whilst reducing the mass of our products. We look forward to our partnership with Oerlikon and shaping the future of space propulsion technology.”

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