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Nexxt Spine 3D Printed NEXXT MATRIXX Implants

Nexxt Spine, LLC announced that it has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market the NEXXT MATRIXX™ System.

The NEXXT MATRIXX™ System of 3D printed porous titanium leverages Nexxt generation technology to create interbody and VBR devices with optimized open architectural porosity, residue-free surface technology, and robust radiographic imaging performance.

Several studies have shown that textured titanium alloy surfaces elicit a positive bone response including an increase in osteoblast differentiation and surface osteointegration as compared to classically smooth surfaces. With these studies in mind, Nexxt Spine has coupled their proprietary, residue-free, surface technology with an open, varied porosity, titanium architecture whereby the NEXXT MATRIXX™ implants exhibit up to 4X more surface area for bone apposition and up to 2X more open pore volume than conventional spinal implants.

Andy Elsbury, President of Nexxt Spine, stated, “The NEXXT MATRIXX™ System applies breakthrough technology to our company’s product portfolio and surgeon response has been overwhelmingly positive. We will continue to expand our NEXXT MATRIXX™ offering throughout 2017 and into 2018 to ensure this differentiated technology is available for all spinal fusion surgical approaches.”

The first products to feature the NEXXT MATRIXX™ technology are available in both interbody and VBR options in an assortment of height, length, width and lordotic angulation combinations to accommodate the unique anatomic and clinical circumstances of each patient.

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