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Israeli 3D printing startup Nanofabrica, has been selected to participate in the Siemens’ startup commercialization program - Siemens Dynamo. Nanofabrica is providing pan-industrial micro manufacturing 3D Printers, that allow a variety of new applications across sectors like aerospace, automotive, medical, optics, and semiconductors. In April 2019 the company launched its first commercial micro-3D Printer.

“We have been following Nanofabrica for almost a year,” says Ran Livnat, an Innovation Partner at Siemens Dynamo. “Some of our more innovative customers are already using their technology commercially, and we were able to witness the disruptive effect it has on product design and on production.”

Jon Donner, CEO of Nanofabrica says, “Joining the Siemens Dynamo program is a great honor for us. We see huge potential in working together, and we already signed-up as a precision manufacturing supplier in the Siemens Additive Manufacturing Network. These are exciting times for Nanofabrica and for the 3D Printing industry in general. While there are an increasing number of manufacturers from across all sectors of industry that are adopting additive manufacturing as a viable production technology, the micro manufacturing sector has been neglected. There is an inexorable drive throughout the industry to miniaturize products and components, but additive manufacturing has been unable to achieve the levels of resolution, speed, and cost effectiveness necessary to facilitate “mass” micro manufacturing.”

Siemens has already taken a leadership role in the “Industrialization of Additive Manufacturing”, and it is only natural for it to expand its leadership to new emerging areas such as micro manufacturing. In Hannover Messe 2018 Siemens Digital Industries introduced the Siemens Additive Manufacturing Network. A native-cloud platform that allows manufacturers, suppliers, technology-providers and experts, to exchange engineering information and manage orders globally.

Robert Meshel, additive manufacturing network director, explains more: “Our mission is to make sure to expose the members of our network to the widest set of manufacturing options and allow them to communicate, analyze, make decisions, and execute them. This also means from our side to constantly seek and introduce new technologies as they emerge. We are happy to help Nanofabrica reach new markets and customers and manage their future orders in our platform.”

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