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ADDere, the Additive Manufacturing System division of Midwest Engineered Systems (MWES), is now offering its services as a 3D printing firm. Leveraging the capabilities of the unique ADDere laser wire additive system, the company is now taking on external printing projects in addition to developing and selling its additive manufacturing machines.

“We’ve expanded into providing printing services as well as selling complete additive manufacturing systems as a way to open up this technology to firms who may not have the throughput to make the capital investment but would like utilize its capabilities,” Says Pete Gratschmayr, VP of Sales & Marketing, “The service is also a great way for firms to test out the process before making the investment. We’re confident ADDere printing services will exceed expectations”

The ADDere system offers many advantages over other 3D metal printing processes including the ability to do large scale, near net-shape metal printing. The ADDere additive systems have a build area of 1.2M x 0.5M x 0.4M (50” by 22” by 10”), which is over three times the size of the larger powdered metal based systems on the market.

MWES developed this additive manufacturing to specialize in printing components constructed of exotic metals including Titanium, Duplex Stainless Steel and other super alloys. However, it can also deposit new metal forms on components made through other processes, like casting, machining or forging. The firm’s material deposition process allows for the ability to not only make production runs with small part variations more economical but also allow for the repair of large metal components.

The ADDere’s innovative closed loop system guarantees industry-leading material deposition quality throughout the build process. This aspect combined with its large print area and ability to print high performance alloys has seen interest from a variety of industries including aerospace, military and large equipment manufacturers.

“We see this technology opening a lot of doors in manufacturing large, complex and high performance components for a number of industries – and others have too.” Scott Woida, CEO of ADDere, “We’re excited to offer our knowledge and ability as a service to customers and see where we can take the technology.”

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