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Belgian Additive Manufacturing pioneer Materialise is thrilled to announce the launch of 3-maticSTL 9.0. 3-maticSTL is an innovative, flexible software tool that allows for design modification and simplification, 3D texturing, remeshing, forward engineering, and much more – all on the STL level.

With this release, Materialise took many of the suggestions of its customers into account. The main priorities for the users were to focus on rendering, robustness, usability and new design functionalities. This updated software enables the creation of watertight designs that will ensure the quality of 3D Printed parts.

New key features and improvements include:

  • New rendering with a ruler to allow faster manipulation and visualization of models
  • Automatic rib pattern – creates a clean rib structure that conforms to the 3D model
  • Point-based patterning – create an overall pattern in one click.
  • Randomized porous structures
  • Conformal structures that follow the geometry of the 3D model
  • 2D UV page for easy positioning of the 2D texture
  • Slice-based texturing – export a 2D texture to the Magics Build Processor, which handles the slicing of even large 2D textures

As previously announced, 3-maticSTL is also expected to be made available through the APA program for Altair HyperWorks® users later this year.

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