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Materialise TRUMATCH

Materialise launched a shoulder planner for surgeons with the possibility to plan shoulder arthroplasty cases and order patient-specific shoulder guides, in collaboration with DePuy Synthes. The TRUMATCH® Personalized Solutions Shoulder System marks a further extension of Materialise’s longstanding collaboration with DePuy Synthes, who will distribute the solution in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

The TRUMATCH® Personalized Solutions Shoulder System will help orthopaedic surgeons prepare for shoulder arthroplasty surgery, specifically addressing Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty (RSA) and Anatomic Total Shoulder Arthroplasty (TSA) operations. It offers surgeons an all-in-one, web-based platform that allows them to better plan and prepare for these operations as well as order patient specific 3D printed surgical guides.

RSA and TSA operations present unique challenges, with limited visibility as the result of the small incision, the Glenoid cavity being deep in the surgical window and the lack of reliable landmarks. However, precise alignment is required, not just because of limited bone stock, but because of its impact on overall screw length and fixation (with RSA) and the occurrence of peg perforation (with TSA).

Compared to using 2D images to diagnose and perform a shoulder arthroplasty, pre-surgical planning lets surgeons know what to expect upfront, working in three dimensions. With 3D virtual pre-surgical planning, implant positioning is done within a stable reference frame, linked to the entire scapula, using reliable landmarks that are not subject to case specific wear patterns. This allows the surgeon to be more precise in the alignment of the implant and screw positioning, improving overall fixation. The measurement, viewing and implant positioning features of the TRUMATCH® Personalized Solutions Shoulder System helps surgeons make better informed, clinical decisions before, rather than during surgery, taking control of an important step for a more desired outcome. This increased pre-operative preparedness gives the surgeon and the team more confidence and control during surgery.

As a result of the pre-operative planning, surgeons may decide to execute the surgery with personalized guides if it’s believed that conventional instruments or standard guides are less appropriate because of glenoid deformities. The TRUMATCH® Personalized Solutions Shoulder System also allows surgeons to order patient specific 3D printed shoulder guides within the same platform.

“3D planning is gaining popularity with orthopaedic surgeons performing shoulder operations,” said Wilfried Vancraen, Founder and CEO of Materialise. “Together with our strategic partners like DePuy Synthes, we are continually working to improve surgical planning processes for a range of operations. We are proud that this expanded collaboration will empower even more orthopaedic surgeons to discover the benefits of online planning and 3D-printed, patient-specific surgical guides.”

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