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Arcam Headquarters

Magnus René, President and CEO and Johan Brandt, CFO and deputy CEO of Arcam AB have both chosen to terminate their respective employment agreements. Magnus René has been CEO of Arcam since 2001 and Johan Brandt has been CFO since 2012. Magnus René has a notice period of 6 months and will remain in his position until a new CEO is appointed or at the latest until June 3, 2018. Johan Brandt has a notice period of 3 months and will remain in his position until a new CFO is appointed or at the latest until April 30, 2018.

“Magnus René has with energy and decisiveness built Arcam to a leading company in the Additive Manufacturing sector. He has together with his team, customers and partners worldwide developed the company from a start-up to a global industry. Magnus has also been instrumental in bringing Arcam into its new future with GE as an owner”, says Göran Malm, Chairman of Arcam, and continues; “Johan Brandt has as CFO and deputy CEO built the structure of the company and thereby facilitated our growth and globalization. Johan has with his leadership and his team developed first class management of Arcam’s and our subsidiaries financial functions”

“I have had a fantastic journey, being part of the team building Arcam during those 16 years. Today, Arcam is well positioned, with a great team, world-class products, strong leadership in our companies and a strong cash position after the recently concluded share issue. With GE as majority owner this is a good time for me to move on and for a new CEO to take over and develop the company in the new environment”, says Magnus René, President and CEO.

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