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LPW Technology will be showcasing its innovative PowderTrace system at Rapid+TCT in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on May 8-11, 2017.
“We’ll be unveiling our smart solutions to meet manufacturers’ demands for traceability and control of metal powders,” says Nate Kistler, Lead Applications Engineer with LPW Inc. “It’s exciting to be at the forefront of advances in the AM industry, and this pioneering powder hopper has the potential to greatly reduce the risk of contamination in metal AM.  PowderTrace can be used to transport powders to the manufacturing facility and to store up to 470 kg of powder, reducing contamination, and minimising manual handling and, among other possible issues, the risk of accidently mixing powders from a different batch.”

Nate continues: “We’ll be demonstrating how these smart hoppers can monitor the weight, humidity, temperature, pressure, and oxygen levels of metal powder.  All data collected during transportation and storage can be uploaded into PowderSolve, LPW’s quality control software package, managing data from powders across multiple locations and multiple machines to provide a clear overview of production status.”
At 11:45am on Thursday, May 11th, Nate will be discussing the approach to controlling the risk in AM by careful management of metal powder with his presentation ‘Characterization and handling of metal powder for AM’.

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