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Titanium Metal Powder

LPW Technology has released the first module of its new case study series, 'Powder degradation in serial production'. ‘Metal powder reuse regimes and impact on part reproducibility’ is the introduction to a detailed investigation conducted into the degradation of titanium and nickel during repeated use, discussing the concerns and leading into a detailed impact assessment.

“We undertake an extensive Research & Development programme, focused on understanding how AM metal powders perform under different conditions. The outcome of our findings will be used to optimise their reproducibility for AM series production,” says LPW’s Applications Engineer Dr Neil Harrison.

“Part I of this case study describes the mechanisms which drive powder degradation in metal additive manufacturing and introduces the two most widespread metal powder reuse regimes. In the following modules, the degradation of both powder and parts is examined, with thermo-mechanical properties in relation to metal powder degradation being investigated for the first time. The absolute impact of serial production on Inconel 718 and Ti6Al4V is revealed, and a new metric for the measurement of metal powder degradation is created.”

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