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Kupol 3D Printed Bike Helmet

Kupol has released what’s being billed as the safest, most comfortable cycling helmet ever to hit the market. The kupol helmet is slated to revolutionize cycling as we know it thanks to highly innovative safety features as well as 3D printing, which has made this novel idea possible.

“We didn’t just come up with a different helmet,” says kupol president Gabriel Boutin. “We’ve completely revolutionized how helmets are made. It’s been over 20 years since bike helmets have undergone any sort of real change. People are still wearing the same outdated foam protection that was on the market a generation ago. Now cyclists can have a real choice when it comes to safety and comfort.”

Thanks to the advent of 3D printing technology, kupol experts were able to take a better look at safety features in order to create helmets that look, fit, and perform in vastly superior ways.

“Before 3D printing, you’d get a one-size-fits-all approach to helmets,” says Gabriel Boutin. “They were rigid, inflexible, hot and uncomfortable to wear, and came only in standard sizes. Plus they were designed for head-on collisions, which are only a small part of the types of accidents cyclists face.”

The company looked at layered features that could work together to offer a better fit and more security. The result is their innovative KOLLIDE® SAFETY SYSTEM, which includes: an outer KORE® that collapses on impact to absorb the brunt of the force at any angle, KINETIC® bumpers to cushion the head and absorb impact, and over 100 OKTOPUS® pods that provide structural support and plenty of aeration.

Combined, these innovative features provide a lightweight, breathable helmet that offers more comfort and safety than any other cycling helmet on the market today.

“We’re all cyclists here, and we’re proud of our work on kupol and excited to have a safe new option for riding,” says Gabriel Boutin. “We are going to continue exploring 3D printing and designing new ideas to make cycling safe and enjoyable for everyone. This launch is just the first step, and it has shown us that innovation in the field is not only possible—it’s needed. We’re just getting started.”

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