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KODAK Portrait 3D Printer

Kodak announced an agreement with Smart International to expand Kodak’s brand licensing program to the dynamic 3D printing space.

“We are excited to take the Kodak brand into 3D printing and pioneer a best in class series of desktop printers and materials designed specifically for creative professionals,” said Roberto Gawianski, CEO, Smart International.

“Professional 3D printing is a fast-evolving growth category Kodak has had its eye on for a while. We are happy to add a strong and innovative licensee like Smart International to our portfolio of brand licensees,” said Joel Satin, VP Director of Brand Licensing.

The new KODAK 3D Printing Ecosystem will set a new standard for professional 3D printing. By including thoughtful features that improve productivity and reliability, KODAK Portrait 3D Printer features beautiful designs that will fit in the most exacting architectural studio, creative workspace or classroom. KODAK 3D Printing Filament has industry-leading low moisture content, high melt flow index and precise diameter and roundness for superior prints.

KODAK 3D Printing Filaments will be available in December 2017 and KODAK Portrait 3D Printer in Q1 2018.

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