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K2M announced the introduction of Balance ACS (or BACS), a comprehensive platform that applies three-dimensional solutions across the entire clinical care continuum to help drive quality outcomes for spine patients. BACS provides solutions focused on achieving balance of the spine by addressing each anatomical vertebral segment with a 360-degree approach of the axial, coronal and sagittal planes, emphasizing Total Body Balance as a critical component to surgical success.

“Balancing the head over the pelvis and lower extremities is the foundation of spine surgery,” stated K2M Chief Medical Officer John P. Kostuik, MD. “The spine is a complex structure that provides both stability and three-dimensional motion. Each spine segment is an independent vertebrae that moves in the axial, coronal and sagittal planes. Movement of each segment is part of the complex integrated network of the comprehensive spine serving to provide balance for the entire body, which enhances energy preservation.”

K2M’s Balance ACS platform provides support to the full continuum of spinal care. As part of this comprehensive platform, K2M has launched the BACS System to provide the necessary services—from preauthorization tools and preoperative planning to 3D anatomical modeling and postoperative reporting—to facilitate quality outcomes and to support the intraoperative process. The Company will also use predictive analytics to aid in surgeon decision making and individualized care solutions for patients.

K2M will host physician workshops and symposiums on Balance ACS at leading spine conferences in the United States and internationally. These workshops will feature prominent spine surgeons presenting on the latest research and clinical applications of the Balance ACS platform.

“Since our inception, K2M has been a leader in developing complex spine innovations, technologies and techniques to treat the most complicated spinal pathologies,” stated K2M President and CEO Eric Major. “However, we recognize that three-dimensional spinal balance, and ultimately Total Body Balance, cannot be achieved through surgical spine implants alone; it requires a holistic approach to enable healthcare providers to manage the entire patient experience throughout the continuum of care. As a leader in three-dimensional deformity correction and 3D-printed spinal implants, we are uniquely positioned to take on this endeavor, and today, are excited to introduce our comprehensive platform for achieving Total Body Balance: Balance ACS.”

An integral part of K2M’s new platform is the advancement of new capabilities to complement the Company’s leadership as an innovator of spinal products. To further enhance the Balance ACS platform, the Company announced a partnership with 3D Systems Corporation (NYSE:DDD), originator of 3D printing and a shaper of future 3D solutions. K2M and 3D Systems have entered into a comprehensive development agreement that includes an exclusive software solutions partnership, as part of the BACS System, to aide in balancing the spine across all three planes. In addition, K2M entered into a separate supply agreement with 3D Systems for production capacity to support the production of its highly successful CASCADIA Interbody Systems featuring Lamellar 3D Titanium Technology.

The Company has also acquired the e-Fellow service-based technology that provides automated solutions to surgeons and healthcare systems to effectively collect real-time data and monitor patient outcomes. The technology is an intuitive and powerful healthcare software platform assisting patients and their physicians in obtaining insurance preauthorization and quantifying patient care.

“Rapid innovation has been essential to K2M’s ability to drive organic growth at above-market rates and has fueled tremendous market share growth since the Company’s inception. With our Balance ACS platform, we recognized the opportunity to leverage our core competency of complex spine and minimally invasive offerings, as well as our leadership in comprehensive 3D-printed solutions, to address the full spectrum of spinal care. We are excited to announce our expanded relationship with 3D Systems—a trusted partner through the development and manufacturing of our CASCADIA Interbody Systems featuring Lamellar 3D Titanium Technology—and look forward to incorporating 3D-printed technology into future product development activities. These strategic initiatives, as well as contributions from our recent e-Fellow technology acquisition, reinforce our dedication to providing spine patients, surgeons and healthcare systems with the products, services and tools needed to achieve a complete patient experience and, ultimately, three-dimensional Total Body Balance,” Major added.


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