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Jesse Garant Metrology Center

Jesse Garant Metrology Center announced that it has expanded its operations to accommodate the growing demand for high volume part inspection for pre-production and production validation. With investments in new equipment and better infrastructure, their enhanced capabilities solidify their position as leaders within the nondestructive testing and metrology part inspection services industry.

As part of a five year, $15 million roll-out investment in technology, Jesse Garant Metrology Center’s latest expansion includes a more diverse range of advanced imaging systems, including industrial CT systems for inspecting large parts and assemblies. “Our services are not only to provide our customers with the essential data they need to make qualified decisions, but to help meet the growing demand for larger scale part inspection projects, and continue to be a supporting role in the advancement of industry” says Jesse Garant, President.

With 3 locations within Michigan and Ontario, the company’s centrally located labs primarily serve as an essential hub for the automotive and aerospace industries. Through this investment, the company will continue to be the largest Industrial CT scanning service provider in North America with the greatest diversity of inspection systems available today. “This expansion means we’re able to easily adapt to industry and meet the challenges of part inspection,” adds Garant.

The expansion includes supporting the additive manufacturing industry with improved CT capabilities for a handling a wider size range of complex 3D printed parts and for preproduction and 100% production validation. The company provides manufacturers with accurate identification of porosity defects, residual powders, wall thickness variations, part to CAD comparisons for out of tolerance features, and dimensional measurements for First Article Inspection reporting requirements.

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