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Jabil Circuit, Inc. announced that they have installed one of the first production units of HP’s Jet Fusion 4200 3D Printer in North America.

As an HP foundational customer, Jabil and HP are working together to transform 3D printing. Jabil has been at the forefront of determining how best to transition 3D printing from a prototyping tool into a full-blown solution for bringing new products to market in half the time and cost associated with traditional manufacturing methods.

At the Jabil Blue Sky Innovation Center, digital manufacturing experts are busy developing value-added 3D printing capabilities, including material qualification, process and quality validation as well as supply chain integration to accelerate the New Product Introduction (NPI) process. Most important, Jabil is exerting its half-century of manufacturing expertise to fill current gaps in the market and move 3D printing into the mainstream.

Jabil's 3D printing value proposition includes specialized expertise needed to drive the adoption in volume-scale manufacturing. Their Technical leadership and proven experience with printers, material handling systems, post processing and automation make them an excellent facility for this new technology installation.

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