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Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies, the company behind the hybrid CNC machine, had a strong presence at September’s International Technology Manufacturing Show (IMTS) in Chicago. In addition to HMT’s own booth within the Additive Pavilion, three other exhibitors incorporated Hybrid’s AMBIT™ deposition heads as part of their CNC machine offerings.

Hybrid technology is gaining ever-greater acceptance within the manufacturing sector, as illustrated by widespread discussion among the attendees at IMTS. One additive-manufacturing expert commented that the industry had underrepresented hybrid and underestimated how quickly it would grow.

“What we saw at the show was evidence that the hybrid concept is building momentum,” said Hybrid CEO Jason Jones. “This was evidenced not only by the activity at our stand, but also at three other machine tool builders’ stands showcasing this technology.”

Hybrid was proud to contribute to Mazak Corporation's latest hybrid machine, the 5-axis VC-500 AM. This is Mazak’s first U.S.-built hybrid machine and achieves a new benchmark for price and quality.

HMT was also proud to contribute to Mitsui Seiki 's new hybrid Vertex machine, which incorporates two flagship AMBIT™ S7 heads to maximize productivity.

ELB-Schliff promoted the millGrind, the world's first hybrid grinder, for in-process repair of aerospace and power generation components, also equipped with AMBIT™ metal deposition.

HMT’s AMBIT™ multi-task system is a patented series of deposition heads and docking systems which allows virtually any CNC machine (or robotic platform) to add metal features, clad hard facing, make repairs and machine parts, all in a single setup. Hybrid technology unlocks the freedoms of additive while retaining the precision and surface finish of CNC. The sequence of adding metal and removing it is user-controlled as needed. Tool-changeable heads enable a wide variety of laser processes to be deployed – changeover is completely automated and only takes seconds.

Heads combine laser energy and feedstock powder to enable directed energy deposition (a form of 3D welding). Users can deposit any non-reactive metal powders including a wide range of steel, nickel, cobalt and bronze alloys.

Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies was founded in 2012 by Dr. Jason Jones and Peter Coates as a spin-off from a collaborative research and development project. In 2007, active use of a high speed milling machine was initiated at De Montfort University's Additive Manufacturing (AM) and 3D printing research laboratory. The cross-pollination of additive and subtractive technologies led to a 4-year UK-based research project named RECLAIM (REmanufacture of high value products using a Combined LAser cladding, Inspection and Machining system) with support from the Technology Strategy Board. This research endeavor has matured into the AMBIT™ tool-changeable deposition system.


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