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H.C. Starck AMPERPRINT Metal Powders

The German metal powder producer H.C. Starck Surface Technology and Ceramic Powders GmbH, based in Laufenburg and Goslar, is introducing its new AMPERPRINT® range of gas atomized metal powders which is specifically designed for additive manufacturing. In alignment with its customers’ needs and latest market developments, H.C. Starck offers high-alloyed AMPERPRINT® nickel, cobalt and iron based powders of all major standard compositions as well as customized solutions. The company’s high-end technology concept enables that production can be ramped up efficiently while keeping physical and chemical powder properties consistent.

The introduction of H.C. Starck’s AMPERPRINT® powders is supported by the announcement of improved logistic processes. To ensure fast delivery times, a broad selection of standard alloys has been defined which will be kept in stock from Q4 2017 on. According to Shashi Shukla, CEO of H.C. Starck Surface Technology and Ceramic Powders GmbH, the introduction of the AMPERPRINT® concept is a further milestone to strengthen H.C. Starck’s position in the continuously growing 3D printing market.

For 40 years, H.C. Starck is a leading producer of high quality gas atomized AMPERSINT® metal powders being used in a variety of powder metallurgical processes such as hot isostatic pressing (HIP) or metal injection molding (MIM). Since then, the German metal powder producer is continuously improving the quality consistency of its products. The metal powders of H.C. Starck have already been used for additive manufacturing for more than ten years.

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