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Hawk Ridge Systems and UnionTech

Hawk Ridge Systems announced that UnionTech stereolithography (SL) 3D printing solutions will now be part of Hawk Ridge Systems product offering.

Additive Manufacturing is the biggest trending segment within the engineering and high-tech community with no means of slowing down. Hawk Ridge Systems is on the forefront of this trend with an expansive product offering of 3D Printers and Scanners. With the addition of UnionTech, Hawk Ridge Systems offers designers and manufacturers an opportunity take advantage of all the benefits of SL 3D printing.

The accuracy, precision, smooth surface and full density of SL produced parts combined with the ability to access one of the widest ranges of material properties of any AM process has made SL the most widely used AM process for concept models, patterns, form and fit, and other prototype parts.

“With the addition of UnionTech 3D printers, Hawk Ridge Systems is now positioned to meet comprehensive requirements for 3D printers across a wide variety of additive manufacturing needs. This partnership with UnionTech expands Hawk Ridge Systems 3D printer partnerships to include HP for high-end processing and color printing, Markforged for composite and metal applications, and UnionTech for SL printers. By partnering with the best-in-class 3D printer manufacturing companies, coupled with comprehensive field services and onsite support, Hawk Ridge Systems has a unique position in the North American market.”, said Cameron Carson VP of Engineering, Hawk Ridge Systems.

“The fresh dimension that UnionTech brings to stereolithography, the first commercial AM technology, is an open-sourced large format platform that enables collaboration and innovation with market leading cost-effectiveness and superior part quality. Given Hawk Ridge Systems thoughtful process of selecting technologies that can best serve their customers, Union Tech is looking forward to a partnership that advances both commercial and production 3D printing uses.”, adds Jim Reitz, General Manager of UnionTech, Inc.

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