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GSC and Markforged Partnership

GSC has partnered with Boston-based 3D printing technology provider, Markforged, to offer cutting-edge 3d printers fueled by advanced materials including nylon, chopped carbon fiber, reinforced continuous fiber, and metal.

"We are extremely excited about our new partnership with Markforged," Adam Kasinskas, Vice President of Operations at GSC, says - "This technology is an excellent fit for our customers and allows them to create tough and durable parts for manufacturing. Markforged also gives us the ability to enter the metal additive industry at an extremely competitive price."

"True partnership is extremely important to us and the synergy that we've felt since our first interaction with Markforged has given us a high degree of confidence not only in the product, but also in their leadership, their ability to listen to customers, and their ability to create solutions that solve real needs."

Markforged printers are distinguished by their all-aluminum unibody and kinematic bed coupling, ensuring build quality and elevating industrial design. As an official Markforged distributor, GSC offers all Markforged lines: Metal X, Industrial Series, and Desktop Series.

Printer optimization and usability are leveraged at such a high degree as to offer impressive design control and intuitive part analysis. Markforged’s cloud-connected software Eiger enables higher performance measures such as automatic version control or real time fleet management. Gain the ability to print plastic, metal and composite parts straight from your browser, or collaborate instantaneously across facilities on a design.

GSC's 3D Printing Project Leader Mike Krause echoes these capabilities, adding, "This technology allows us to solve entirely new problems for our customers. These machines aren’t simply 3D printers - they're an extension of a modern manufacturing process. With the addition of the Metal X line, true professional grade metal 3D printing is within reach for any size manufacturer."

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