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GE Additive M2 Cusing Machine

GE Additive has released an update to its Concept Laser M2 cusing and M2 cusing Multilaser machines to provide customers with an increased level of productivity and reliability, as well as lower overall operating costs. New machines are available to order now.

The M2 cusing family is the workhorse of the GE Additive product portfolio and used across a wide range of industries, such as aerospace, automotive, medical and dental and is well-suited to scenarios and applications where industrialization is a key outcome, especially for medium-sized parts.

Key upgrade features include:

  • A new gas flow system backed by redundant oxygen monitoring and a closed inert gas circuit to drive better overall part quality, due to the flow-improved build chamber.
  • A new cooling unit for optical components. With a temperature controlled environment monitored by multiple new sensors, the system prevents influence from external and internal temperature changes.
  • Higher part quality and reliability are possible thanks to a more tightly controlled build environment.
  • A higher build chamber with a z-axis of 350 mm and newly designed heating. Precision was a key goal with these changes and with advanced closed-loop control, a higher degree of accuracy on the z-positioning can be achieved. The new machines have a build volume: 250 x 250 x 350 mm3
  • Updated software and additional sensors for data analytics

“Customers, especially in the aerospace and medical industry, have high expectations. For that reason we continuously review our solutions portfolio to to confirm we are offering the right machines and the right materials for an ever-demanding range of applications,” said Meddah Hadjar, General Manager, Additive Laser Products at GE Additive.

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