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Frustum Metal Part

Frustum is expanding its business as the company continues to advance the on-demand economy by empowering engineers to design more efficient, higher quality parts that leverage the full potential of additive manufacturing techniques.

“3D printing is a game changer for manufacturers - shifting how products are designed, built, sold and serviced, creating jobs and redefining the supply chain,” said Jesse Coors-Blankenship, CEO, Frustum Inc. “However, realizing 3D’s full potential requires new design processes that are generative instead of iterative, and that can deliver purposeful, manufacture-ready output. This is the goal of Frustum.”

Frustum’s 3D Design Software, Generate®, allows for interactive generative design that automatically produces manufacture ready parts in a completely parametric CAD environment.

Through the addition of customers using Generate for highly complex additive manufactured parts, Frustum is experiencing rapid growth. This growth includes a 100 percent revenue increase in Q118, driven by the exponential growth of the additive manufacturing industry as a whole.

In support of its projected growth, Frustum has recently expanded its Boulder, CO Headquarters to a 40 person capacity, finalized it’s Series A financing with $10M in funding to date and hired three experienced executives to lead its next stage of development.

Shibai Bagchi, VP of Products, has over 15 years experience in Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing including leadership roles in Product Management at Autodesk, Siemens PLM and GE Digital. Under his leadership, Generate is rapidly expanding its capabilities and extending Frustum’s leadership position in generative design.

As a software industry veteran, Steve Strachan brings over 20 years of sales leadership experience to his new role as VP of Sales. Prior to joining Frustum, Steve served as Sales Director for Sumo Logic, VP Worldwide Sales at BladeLogic (BMC), VP Sales, EMEA at GeoTel (Cisco Systems), and SVP Sales, Southern Europe for PTC. Steve has been instrumental in Frustum’s Q118 revenue surge.

With over 20 years of experience in design and manufacturing, Kevin Scofield leads the technical marketing efforts at Frustum, exploring the many ways in which generative design can impact the way parts are made. Prior to joining Frustum, Kevin helped produce an array of products associated with reality capture, inspection, on-demand manufacturing and augmented reality as a key member of several innovative startups including Occipital, Xometry, and Geomagic (acquired by 3D Systems).

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