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Formlabs Rigid and Grey Pro

Formlabs kicked off CES 2018 with the introduction of two new resins, Rigid and Grey Pro.

Grey Pro Resin offers high precision and versatile material properties, including moderate elongation and low creep, which make it great for concept modeling and functional testing. Rigid Resin, Formlab’s first enforced with glass resin, offers very high stiffness and a polished finish.

“Since its inception, the strength of 3D printing has always been in rapid prototyping, but as our materials have evolved and multiplied we’ve seen an overwhelming increase in parts created for many use cases, including the manufacturing line and more recently in mass customization,” said Max Lobovsky, co-founder and CEO of Formlabs.

“We believe we can drive 3D printing into more end-use applications by dramatically improving material properties and significantly decreasing the cost per part, bringing the promise of 3D printed mass customization closer to reality for businesses and consumers."

At their booth, Formlabs featured both the Form Cell and Fuse 1 for the first time at a tradeshow, in addition to showcasing products and demos from customers and partners involved in some of the most innovative uses of 3D printing with Formlabs technology, from 3D printed parts for the manufacturing line to mass customization.

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