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Team FIT America (from left): Enrico Huebner, Debbie Closen, Bruce Colter

FIT America, an expanding member of the Germany-based FIT Additive Manufacturing Group, is pleased to announce the appointment of accomplished Additive Manufacturing leader Bruce Colter as its Vice President.

The FIT Group is the worldwide leading provider for Additive Design and Manufacturing or ADM. With more than 20 years of experience in AM, FIT provides a deep knowledge of every step of the AM supply chain and is distinguished by a combined proficient expertise in using proven AM technologies.

“Customers really don’t want ‘disruption’ in their supply chains, they want companies like FIT who can provide efficient, cost-effective solutions that utilize disruptive technologies like Additive Manufacturing. FIT does what only a handful of companies in the world can do which is to simplify what can be a very complex AM process. It is important to realize that you can’t solely substitute conventional manufacturing with AM technologies to achieve better products. In many cases, Additive is a complement to Conventional Manufacturing and partnering with FIT allows customers to design and implement solutions that help them to gain significant competitive advantages. First-movers have indeed arrived at better products through additive manufacturing – much better in many respects – but the larger market has limited their adoption and accelerated use of AM as its process portrays a different work philosophy. We need to instill confidence in our customers’ minds that AM will provide immediate benefits and a path to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) benefits. In coming days, I will be presenting what I call our ‘Moore’s Law for AM’ which is an approach to successful AM implementation”, Bruce describes his mission.

“I’m especially happy to team up with FIT. I have seen most of the AM operations in the USA and FIT has the best solution(s) that I’ve seen in the market. We are so much more than just a contract manufacturer. FIT has proven to be a reliable partner for successful industrial AM.”

During his 25-year career in the technology industry, Bruce Colter has provided accomplished senior leadership for growing and rebuilding companies in 3D printing, computer software and hardware, supply chain management (SCM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing execution systems (MES), and process control on a global basis. Bruce will lead the effort to build a FIT AM facility in the US while strengthening FIT’s strategic network of client solutions in Aerospace and Defense, Medical and Dental, Automotive, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), and Energy/Oil & Gas.

FIT America is currently focused on providing high quality ADM parts to these US markets with specifically designed and optimized AM prototype and production parts. FIT’s huge portfolio of AM services and technologies as well as material selection provides unique capabilities using SLM, EBM, GDP, WAAM, FDM, etc. for best-application fit and optimized delivery time. FIT America’s initiative to push forward their Additive Design and Manufacturing experience in the United States fits perfectly into the worldwide paradigm shift that many industries are undergoing currently. “As regional and global markets are becoming increasingly competitive, we are sharing our expertise to provide an economic value-proposition for our manufacturing customers in the use of AM technology. FIT is the right partner to help US companies gain a competitive advantage while they increase revenues and save money using FIT solutions”, outlines Bruce Colter.

Carl Fruth, founder and CEO at FIT AG, adds, “We are utterly overjoyed with Bruce Colter joining the FIT family. FIT has unique capabilities in additive design and manufacturing and has already established many strategic partnerships with US clients in major markets. Now with Bruce’s direction we are striving to implement a range of strategic initiatives for mutual benefit with our industry partners.” The establishment of a technology center of excellence in the US is planned to follow as a next step.

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