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Farsoon AMT Post Processing

Farsoon Technologies and Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) have come to an agreement to work together to provide innovative post processing solutions for additive technologies. Farsoon Technologies is an additive manufacturing machine maker specializing in plastic laser sintering and laser metal melting technologies. AMT’s line of automated post processing systems including smoothing and de-powdering is a powerful and timely compliment to Farsoon’s machines.

With the introduction of Farsoon’s Continuous Additive Manufacturing Solution (CAMS) systems, such as the HT1001P, Farsoon is taking the next step into delivering true additive manufacturing capability. CAMS systems will feature greatly increased speed, throughput, and cost savings along with enhanced automation to fit into a modern industrial space. AMT’s automated post processing technologies will greatly enhance the production workflow of Farsoon’s existing machines as well as the upcoming CAMS systems. The two companies will work together to provide complete solutions which will smooth the workflow of additive and its post processing needs.

Joseph Crabtree, AMT’s CEO, stated: “AMT is delighted to enter into this agreement to supply our post processing technology and solutions to Farsoon Technology. The development of Farsoon’s continuous additive manufacturing is ground breaking and our involvement in assisting the delivery of this technology is very exciting. Our companies have similar philosophies and approach, making working together a pleasure.”

Don Xu, Farsoon Technologies Director of Global Business commented on the collaboration: “We are very excited to be working with AMT to provide an end to end solution for additive. We have seen a definite movement both in China as well as globally of the additive industry moving towards manufacturing and coupled with that an increased demand for more streamlined post processing solutions. AMT’s expertise in this field combined with Farsoon’s expertise in additive create a strong team with truly innovative solutions.”

Farsoon Technologies is a total solution supplier of plastic laser sintering and laser metal melting technologies that was founded in 2009 by Dr. Xu Xiaoshu. Farsoon Technologies is transforming the future of additive manufacturing with vision, innovation, and our "Open for Industry" technical and business philosophy. As an industrial-focused AM company of both Polymer (plastic) and Metal systems, Farsoon has created a progressive array of possibilities for customers and partners to access to unparalleled freedom in applications, systems, and materials.

AMT develops and manufactures post processing solutions for the additive manufacturing. They are currently manufacturing PostPro3D, the world’ first automated smoothing machine for 3D printed polymer parts. Additionally, the company is developing other technologies to assist additive manufacturers to automate post processing of 3D printed parts, including automated de-powdering ground breaking ultra-fast metrology.

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