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Farsoon Technologies Round Rock Texas

Farsoon Technologies has begun direct sales, training, integration, and support operations in North America with the opening of our Sales and Support office located in Round Rock, Texas, a suburb of Austin and the birthplace of Selective Laser Sintering. Farsoon Technologies determined quickly that having US-based operations was key to the continued growth and executional strategies in this new age of Advanced Digital MFG solutions.

From its conception in 2009 Farsoon Technologies commitment to an open technology and open material strategy with a core mission of advancing customer-centric solutions which will decrease the cost per part, total cost of ownership, and increase the value proposition in additive manufacturing technologies. Dr. Xu Xiaoshu, founder of Farsoon Technologies notes: “Farsoon Technologies will continue to strive to become a global leader in the advanced digital manufacturing field offering our partners and customers solutions that are innovative and cost-effective to optimize their supply chain management goals. Central global operations in three key markets, China, North America, and Europe will be key growth strategies for the future of Farsoon.”

In April 2017, Farsoon Technologies began the search for the team to assist in establishing this venture and a location in North America to base its operations from. As Dr. Xu worked with many in the industry over the past twenty years he reached out to industry veterans such as Chuck Kennedy (VP of Operations), Daniel Delgado (Director of Customer Support), and Phillip Conner (Director of Advanced MFG Solutions) as all worked with Dr. Xu in the mid 90’s at DTM Corporation, the first Selective Laser Sintering company in the world. The team was put together in June and began searching for operational headquarter locations. This search is over and the group has begun finalizing and preparing for our operations with the opening of our Demo/Integration center in September 2017. While it is still very much a blank canvas, this location will serve multiple purposes in our lean operational start-up strategy in North America. Systems are being installed in the coming weeks (eForm, HT403P, and FS271M) and we expect to have our Demo Center open by October 1st, 2017. We are working on plans for an official grand opening in early 2018 with an announcement planned over the coming weeks.

“While this has been an eye-opening and sometimes painful process because of the tremendous growth in a vibrant city like Austin, we are pleased with the progress to get operational in a relatively short period of time," said Chuck Kennedy (VP of Operations). Chuck added, “ Knowing Phillip and Daniel for over twenty-five years really helped in all of us coming together with the rest of the team to get this project rolling so quickly.

The goal of Farsoon Technologies in the Americas is first to put down our footing in the Austin area with the Demo/Integration center, and then to begin development plans for further expansion including securing a building site for future growth. Farsoon Technologies plans to introduce manufacturing, R&D, and advanced solution centers in North America over the next few years. Farsoon currently has multiple opportunities for both direct employees and value-added resellers for our products.

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