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For the first time, Farsoon Technologies is offering direct sales of our full line of metals solutions to customers in North America with the creation of Farsoon Americas. Founder Dr. Xu Xiaoshu was a pioneer of laser sintering technology and has continuously expanded the scope and reach of what additive manufacturing brings to countless industries. Under his leadership, Farsoon Technologies has been making an impact in the additive manufacturing arena by producing cutting-edge, open platform 3D printers with the best price-performance in the industry, delivering maximum value for innovative applications.

Heading this new endeavor is Bob Evans, an industry veteran with knowledge and experience that covers the full spectrum of technologies, materials and industrial applications. Based in the United States, Bob will represent the Farsoon Technologies brand and facilitate sales in North America.

“I am excited to be a part of Farsoon and to bring their products to the American market,” said Bob. He added, “Farsoon is able to deliver a superior product at a price that competitors can’t match -- I know the American market is hungry for it.”

Farsoon Americas will be heavily promoting our line of metals machines, which have garnered much attention in the additive manufacturing industry.

Bob Evans stated, “from the beginning, I was impressed by Farsoon’s metal machines be able to offer systems of this caliber for [under $400,000] is going to make Farsoon a power player.”

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