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The ExOne Company is collaborating with Lowe’s Innovation Labs to assist Bespoke Designs, a custom 3D scanning and printing service provided by Lowe’s, in expanding their home improvement and consumer product offerings.

ExOne direct metal 3D printing, using its Binder Jetting technology, will enable Bespoke Designs to offer customers unique home and office items. Products can be ordered online or at its Lowe’s City Center in the Chelsea neighborhood within New York City. ExOne receives 3D scanned data and files through Bespoke Designs and manufactures the made-to-order items. Customers can now easily order customizable or replacement parts and receive their printed metal products in less than two weeks.

Tom Pasterik, ExOne’s Manager of Business and Process Development, commented, “We are very excited to collaborate with Lowe’s on this new venture, which brings the benefits of 3D printing into the home or office in a practical manner, further advancing the awareness of 3D printing capabilities. ExOne’s Binder Jetting technology integrates well with the Lowe’s business concept due to its ability to fulfill customizable orders in a very responsive timeframe. While remaining cost-effective, the customer receives a high quality, unique product in a timely manner.”

Using Bespoke Designs, customers can now use 3D metal printing to personalize areas of their home or office and craft a custom look through an easy three step process: choosing a shape, selecting a material, and adding desired text or designs.

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