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AM Ventures (AMV) and Exmet AB entered into an investment agreement, allowing for an accelerated development of Exmet’s technology for Additive Manufacturing of amorphous metals. In addition, the agreement aims to shorten the time to market for new functional products. To this end, Exmet has set up manufacturing facilities with an EOS M 290 system – a highly productive system for the additive manufacturing of high-performance metal components – and new offices in Stockholm.

Amorphous metal alloys, also known as bulk metallic glasses (BMG) and glassy alloys, lack the crystalline microstructure found in ordinary alloys, such as steels. The result is functional materials with unprecedented properties. However, amorphous metal alloys have been hampered since the 1960’s since no suitable and general manufacturing method was available. With Exmet AB’s additive manufacturing based technology the excellent properties of these glassy alloys can be fully exploited by engineers and designers, as it removes the limits set by casting, melt spinning and thermoplastic forming in manufacturing of amorphous metals. The result is products of almost any alloy – for example iron, titanium, aluminum, magnesium or cobalt based – and shape, virtually unaffected by corrosion, with low magnetization loss and the extreme strength of the materials allows for weight reductions of a magnitude that engineers up to now only have dreamt about.

AM Ventures accelerates the adoption of Advanced Manufacturing technologies by providing cutting-edge technology, funding and a unique network of expert know-how for selected AM applications, among them Additive Manufacturing.

“We are very pleased that AM Ventures, with its access to the EOS ecosystem and AM markets, has joined the amorphous adventure”, says Mattias Unosson, the CEO of Exmet. “You simply can’t find an investor that is more tech and business savvy in metal AM."

Johann Oberhofer, Executive Vice President Technology, AM Ventures, adds: “We are looking forward to support Exmet on their way to amorphous metal parts with completely new and unique properties. Our aim is not only to support through funding and technology, but also through our market access and management competencies which will be of significant help for Exmet.” He Adds: “AMV also will assist Exmet and their customers when it comes to ramping up specific successful amorphous metal components to economic serial production to fully exploit the superior mechanical and magnetic properties of these components.”

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