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Together with five other companies, EOS will present high-end solutions for lightweight design based on additive manufacturing (AM) at this year’s Hannover Fair.

Entitled “Emotional Engineering in Lightweight Design”, the stand will highlight all facets of networking and innovation in lightweight design along the supply chain, from design creation through design engineering and calculation to additive manufacturing of components and subsequent material testing. The emphasis will be on design, emotions, cost-effectiveness and environmental aspects. There will be workshops for visitors to the stand and daily keynote presentations will be given by high level speakers in the Material Forum.

EOS will showcase their FORMIGA P 110 system at the booth. The compact plastic AM system enables a reasonably priced and efficient introduction to the world of additive manufacturing. The compact system for processing plastic powders enables a reasonably priced and efficient introduction to the world of AM. EOS will also display examples of various lightweight designs.

The demand for lightweight design with all its advantages is now occupying many industries, addressing concerns of using ever-scarcer and more-expensive commodities sparingly while also meeting industry-specific sustainability goals.

Maximilian Eils, Application Development Consultant at EOS says, “Additive manufacturing from EOS enables the design and quick, flexible, reasonably priced manufacturing of products directly from 3D CAD data. Any fine and simultaneously high-strength, lightweight design structures, impossible to manufacture using conventional procedures, can now be generated. Additive manufacturing offers innovative solutions for current and future challenges facing any industry and gives a developer maximum geometric freedom of design.”

Exhibitors on the shared stand include:

  • EOS GmbH (Component manufacturing using industrial 3D printing)
  • BUSSE Design+Engineering GmbH (Industrial design)
  • csi entwicklungstechnik GmbH (Design thinking/design engineering)
  • hme Ulm GmbH (Simulation-supported product development)
  • Institut für Technik und Design GmbH (Scientific lightweight design consulting)
  • Trinckle 3D GmbH (Product individualisation, semi-automated design and software for 3D printing)

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