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EOS StainlessSteel CX is a corrosion resistant iron based powder intended for processing on EOS DMLS systems.

The stainless steel material has maximum stability and excellent hardness and is ideally suited for the manufacture of injection molding tools that are used to make medical products or products made of corrosive plastics.

Following the DMLS build process, the components made with this material can be easily machined and polished.

The stainless steel is resistant to most corrosive plastics and diluted acids, making it the first choice for many demanding industrial applications. Due to its corrosion resistance, EOS StainlessSteel CX also reduces tool wear and maintenance costs.

EOS StainlessSteel CX is a tooling grade steel characterized having a good corrosion resistance combined with high strength and hardness. Parts are age hardenable up to approx. 51 HRC in a 2 steps heat treatment (RAC and ageing).

Parts built from EOS StainlessSteel CX can be machined, shot-peened and polished in as-built or heat treated status.

This material is intended for:

  • Injection molding tooling and tool parts
  • Injection molding tools for corrosive plastics like PVC
  • Applications where high strength and hardness are required
  • Parts requiring corrosion resistance

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